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Huawei E8231 Wingle (GSM Mobile Wifi)

Rp 400 rb-an!
 Toko Jual Modem Murah di Denpasar Bali  ~ Huawei E8231 Wingle (USB GSM Mobile Wifi Stick) - Tidak termasuk USB Charger/Power Adapter Dongle.
Spec :
< 30 g

USB WIfi Stick
Communication System
HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS 900MHz / 2100MHz
EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 1900MHz/1800MHz/900MHz/850MHz
Static receiver sensitivity
WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+: Compliant with 3GPP TS 25.101(R7)
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Compliant with 3GPP TS 05.05 (R99)
WLAN : 802.11b:-85(+/-3)dBm
Power supply
DC : 5V/1A
External Interface
USB 2.0 High Speed
SIM Card : standard 6-pin SIM card interface
Reset Key
Inner GSM/UMTS main antenna
Inner UMTS diversity antenna
Inner WLAN antenna
Sending/Receiving long messages
Group sending
Storage: The messages are saved up to 500 items.
New message prompt
Power supply
AC: 100–240 V
DC: 12 V/1 A
Voice and fax
VoIP - Supports the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
Supports G.711a/G.711u/G.729a/G.729b/G.726 (-24/-32)/G.722, and G.723.1 for encoding and decoding.
CS voice - Supports CS voice communication over UMTS and GSM networks.
Supports the circuit switched fallback (CSFB).
Fax - T.38 fax
Fax pass through
Writing/Sending/Receiving extra-long messages
Sets the SMS center number
supporting firewall activation and deactivation
supporting LAN IP filtering
supporting virtual server
supporting DMZ
supporting UPnP
supporting WAN Ping block
Network connection settings:
-Automatic network selection and registration
-Manual network selection and registration
Network status display: signal, operator name, system mode, and so on
PIN/PUK: activate/deactivate PIN, changing PIN, unblocking by using the PUK
Software Automatic installation for Plug and Play
System requirements
-Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1/SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8(Does not support Windows RT), Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 with latest upgrades
-Your computer’s hardware system should meet or exceed the recommended system requirements for the installed version of OS
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Huawei E3276 4G LTE GSM 150mbps

Rp 200 rb-an!
 Spek :
USB Stick
Communication System
High-speed LTE FDD packet data service of up to 150/50 Mbit/s
High-speed LTE TDD packet data service of up to 112/10 Mbit/s
microSD card slot
External Antenna Interface
Receive Diversity
Operation System
Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,
Windows 8,Mac OS X 10.5,Mac OS X 10.6,
Mac OS X10.7,Mac OS X10.8

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TP-Link MR-5360 Mobile 4G Lte Router & Powerbank

Rp 805 rb
 Toko Jual TP-Link MR-5360 Mobil 4G Lte Mobile Router, upto 21mbps, 5200mAh battery & powerbank (-/+ 17 jam), LCD Monochrome display.
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USB MiFi Portable Modem GSM & WiFi

Rp 400rb-an!
 USB MiFi. Portabel usb modem GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/WCDMA/HSDPA upto 21mbps download speed. Support semua operator GSM. 
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USB Modem EVDO CDMA Huawei EC176-2

Rp 300 rb-an!
 Modem USB EVDO CDMA Huawei EC176-2, Bonus Smartfren 60hari/kuota 10GB (unlocked), Bisa digunakan untuk operator CDMA lain seperti Flexi Evdo, Esia AHA, Ceria, StarOne, dll. Garansi resmi Huawei Indonesia 1thn.
Tag : Toko Jual USB Modem GSM/CDMA Murah di Denpasar Bali
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Huawei E392 USB Modem GSM 4G Lte

Rp (Call)
 Toko Jual Modem Huawei E392 4G Lte murah di Denpasar, Bali. Siap kirim ke seluruh pelosok Nusantara :)
 Spek :
1. Connect to a superfast 4G network whilst on the move. Automatically switches to 3G when out of 4G range.
2. Plug in and access superfast 4G on the move. Breathtaking speed (Download at up to 100 Mbps)
3. Download enormous attachments and surf at speed
4. Small and slick enough to slip into your pocket.
5. Stick-Sized Modem and compact design.
6. Plug and Go – No need for extra software
7. Supports Windows & Mac (XP SP2/SP3; Vista SP1/SP2; Windows 7; Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7)
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ZTE MF-70 Modem Router Wi-Fi Data Sharing

Rp 465
 Type: 3G USB Modem + Router WiFiMax Speed: Max 21.6 Mbps uplinkMode: HSPA+/UMTS 2100/1900/900(850)MHz , EDGE/GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHzSpecial Feature: Wifi Router & Storage sharing upto 10 userInterface: External Antenna Interface, USB , Micro SD Slot

Cukup dengan 1 modem ini anda bisa share dengan 10 gadget/user yang anda miliki dan semuanya saling terhubung melalui WiFi! Kecepatan sampai dengan 21.6 Mbps uplinkDapat diakses oleh 10 device (max)Kartu memori pada MF70 dapat diakses oleh tiap device dan dapat saling mengirimkan fileSlim & portable support multi-scene application dengan USB charger.

Keunggulan dari MF70 ini?
- USB 3G Modemn: Berfungsi sebagai USB Modem dengan kecepatan hingga 21.6 Mbps.
- Wifi Router up to 10 user : Sudah terdapat Wifi Router, artinya Langsung bisa terkoneksi ke modem ini melalui Wifi. Dan tidak hanya 1 orang melainkan bisa 10 orang/user. Misalnya anda memiliki notebook, ipad, smartphone maka ketiga alat tersebut bisa saling terhubung dan sekaligus dgn internet kecepatan tinggi.
- Storage Sharing : Selain saling terkoneksi dalam jaringan Wifi, userpun bisa menikmati media simpan bersama-sama. Media simpan tersebut berbentuk microSD slot, dimana Anda bisa memasukan kartu memory didalamnya, dan semua user bisa mengakses dan menyimpan berbagai data kedalamnya secara bersama-sama!
- No-PC Required : USB modem ini bisa beroperasi stand-alone, artinya tak perlu PC/notebook cukup tancapkan ke USB apapun untuk mendapatkan daya untuk menghidupkan modem ini. Jadi modem ini bisa bekerja dengan menancapkan ke power bank, USB adaptor, slot USB di tape mobil, dll. sehingga modem ini sudah bisa dijalankan dimanapun dan dinikmati beramai-ramai.
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